"Do you want to steadily increase your betting bank from carefully selected placed bets? Racing Profits uses a straightforward selection process to help you grow your betting bank. 


The Racing Profits manual is available for immediate download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, so if you order the product at 3 in the afternoon or 4 in the morning it doesn't matter, as you'll still receive this excellent horse racing manual for the place and each way betting markets straight away. *** FREE HORSE RACING TRAINERS eBook ***

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The betting markets are saturated with products and the unrealistic promises of the next best thing. You've probably seen the "rags to riches", "betting loophole" and "holy grail" type marketing campaigns been marketed, which don't give the punter a chance of making a continuous profit from horse racing, so avoiding these type of hyped up products would certainly be your best bet. 
Reading information and studying form will become second nature using the Racing Profits manual and you'll become an expert in horse racing analysis using the superb sites below.
With any system there should be a sensible approach to the betting markets and that should include a system with a sensible and straightforward selection criteria, money management rules in place and a strong focus on financial discipline. If you lack on discipline and have the odd blow up moment then, chances are you'll never make a profit from any form of betting until you address this issue.
Racing profits is a new horse racing backing system for the Betfair place or the bookmaker each way betting markets brought to you from the same team that released the very popular backing system called Racing Winners.
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Our eight week review for Racing Profits has come to an end from the betting review website Cash Master & our system managed an impressive 76% profit from a starting bank of 500 net of Betfair commissions. For the full review click here.

There is a strong focus on the three crucial elements of any type of betting including horse racing -
  • Selection Criteria
  • Money Management
  • Financial Discipline

If you have all of the above three in place and put them in to practise then, you'll be ahead of at least 80% of the betting public and positioning yourself to make a steady profit from the betting markets.

If you're wanting loads of betting action then Racing Profits is not for you, but if you want to enter the Betfair place and bookmaker each way markets with confidence through carefully selected bets then, this system should be one for you to seriously consider.

Making money from betting is not easy and takes time to find a path, which gives you an edge over time and with Racing Profits, you'll certainly be fast tracking your way to a more profitable future through horse racing.


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With this betting system you can place your bets at the Betfair place or the traditional bookmaker each way markets, so long as the minimum odds are met and there are three places available for our selections and you can start of with just a 100 Betfair or bookmaker betting bank and hopefully built it through compounding your profits.       

The average UK mainland race attracts approximately 120k in the Betfair place markets, with the majority being traded in the last 10 minutes before the off, so if your preference is with Betfair then, take note of the available liquidity and for price gapping between the back and lay price if you intend to place an early bet through the betting exchanges. An SP bet for the minimum odds of the selected horse would be a sensible option for the early bird or placing an unmatched bet.  

To make any money with your betting experiences requires time and patience, as there will always be the unfortunate and inevitable losing run and will will really test your resolve. It's important during these particular periods to stay focused and remembering that, things don't always run smoothly and there will always be ups and downs, but if you can keep your nerve and accept that giving back some of your previously gained profit is part of the betting and trading process then, you will be putting yourself in a good position.   



Racing Profits

Mark Boyle : Racing Winners & FBO Info Financial Trader & Sports Bettor.

"If we could see an hour in to the future then we would all be millionaires."




If you want to start making a profit from your betting through horse racing then, Racing Profits will give you the necessary tools to hopefully make a steady profit from backing specific placed bets in certain types of races.  



Our selection criteria involves checking specific races using the Racing Post website and takes approximately 20 minutes to find your selections for the day. We only getting involved in turf meetings both flat and national hunt of a certain class distinction and in UK mainland races only and avoid all weather meetings. Selections can be placed at either Betfair or any of the traditional bookmakers and if the minimum decimal or fractional odds are available. With Racing Profits our aim is to get an each way strike rate of approximately 40% due to the minimum odds that our system requires for each potential placed selection.


Our 84 day review for Racing Profits has come to an end from the respected betting review website Lay The Odds & our system managed a steady 21.36 points profit from a starting bank of 500.


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Betting is just really a numbers game and we're always seeking to give ourselves an edge over other punters. At Racing Profits our aim is always to put the odds in our favour with every selection and at the same time protecting your betting bank, with a sensible and small % of your betting bank staked on each betting selection.

This is a system designed for the Betfair and the betting exchange place market, but can also be used as an optional bet for each way bets at the traditional bookmakers. All our results are based on Betfair place market SP odds. The numbers for Racing Profits will be limited to protect the available liquidity in the Betfair place markets.



To your future betting success

Mark Boyle

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